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These are my current kitchen cabinets.  Layout is fine, but I hate absolutely LOATHE my cabinets.  They are the same inexpensive cabinets used in every single solitary house on my street!  In fact, my parents live next door and they (of course) have the same cabinets!!!  I hate them.

I tend to paint everything black these days so I thought…why not paint the cabinets black?  I mean seriously!  I came home with this in mind and it was only a day or two later that my husband exclaims that he has found his ideal kitchen on television.  He had recorded it for me and lo and behold…it was a black kitchen!  It was gorgeous.  So, we went to our favorite place for tips and advice – YouTube and found an instructional video on painting cabinets.  My husband did a test and painted the island and then distressed it slightly to go with the rest of our home.

I LOVE IT!!!!  But now, he is freaking out about painting the rest of them!!

I figure we have already done the island so why not go all the way!  I should also mention that we have a great room and it is very light and bright during the day so black wold not be overwhelming in my opinion.

To top it all off, he thinks he can get white tile for our backsplash for FREE from a family member.  The only thing we would eventually have to change out for any cost would be our flooring.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to change the floors for next to nothing, I would love to hear from you.  I would love to have wood floors, but not sure this is in our budget for a long while.

Anyway, what’s the verdict?  I say we go black.  How about you?