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Okay, the bedspread has found yet another use.  I made this little fabric pumpkin from the bedspread from my last post and the stem is from denim fabric that I found at the same thrift store.  I am still learning how to make these little pumpkins.  They are SUPER cute and simple.  I realize they are more suitable for fall being a pumpkin and all, but they are too cute not to keep out.

Here is a tutorial for making these pumpkins found at Thompson Family-Life –  http://thompsonfamily.typepad.com/thompson_familylife/2009/11/fabric-pumpkin-tutorial.html Her’s are funky and fun.  The fabric she used is for some of her pumpkins are vintage retro fabric.  Use your imagination.

Now check these little beauties out.  Fabric tomatoes!!! Aren’t they cute?  I love, love, love them!!  I found them over at Vand Co – http://www.vanessachristenson.com/2009/10/tutorial-garden-fresh-fabric-tomatoes.html.  Head over there and see all of the other cute stuff she has listed.  I will be trying to make some of these tomatoes later on.  Too freakin’ cute.

What else can be done with an old bedspread, clothing or old fabric you might have lying around?  Try cutting it up and turning it into a pillow, skirt, apron, placemat, purse, etc.  I will be on the lookout for great new projects for old fabric and I will share them as they come along.  I hope to eventually have enough visitors to this site to get people to leave their ideas here.  I would love to hear how other people are reusing their old stuff.  I work with a lot of college students and I am certain they would love to learn this stuff too.  I want to find more ways to spread the knowledge.  So if you are on here and have a great idea – PLEASE share it!  Thanks a million!