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I have mentioned that my dad is super-creative when it comes to old junk.  Everyone gives him stuff they want to throw away.  Stuff they consider to be absolutely worthless (In a future post, I will go around my house and photograph some of that worthless stuff).  My husband is no slouch in the creative department either.  My aunt had some old shutters in her barn that she offered up to my my husband and father.  My mom and I had been wanting new headboards, but we have different tastes.  My parent’s style is more cottage country.  My style is more of a mix of french country and modern.  Two different headboards were called for and this is what they came up with…sorry for the poor picture quality.  I have got to get a new camera!

The first photo is my dad’s version.  It is a really tall headboard.  I will have to go back and photograph the footboard to show you as well.  It is just a smaller version of the headboard.  Isn’t it lovely?  It seemed really high to me when he first made it, but I really like it now.  It’s beautiful in the plum colored guest room.

This is my husband’s version.  He painted our’s black, didn’t add any trim to the top and even added a lighting feature in the back.  I loved it.  Unfortunately, he made it right before we decided to buy a larger bed.  So, he is planning on adding trim and/or columns to the sides to enlarge it.  Please ignore my oversized bed!

These headboards were not overly complicated to make.  You can easily do a search on the internet about how to make shutter headboards.  You can do something different with them.  Turn them sideways, upholster part of it, put a shelf on top, do whatever you want with them.  Let your imagination run wild.  When painting, use any color that strikes your fancy.  Try painting them red, blue, brown, grey or any color you can imagine in your room or any color that would bring you joy.  These shutters were free so we could have done anything with them.  The rest of the shutters are going to be turned into some other projects.  I will post those another day.

I you have some old shutters needing new life and don’t need a headboard, head over to RoboJunker.com – http://www.robomargo.com/shutters.html  They have an endless supply of shutter project ideas.  Check it out!