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Okay, so I have been making a lot of things lately.  So has my Dad.  I just have to share what my Dad has been making lately.  He has been taking scrap wood and wood found in my grandpa’s garage and making the most beautiful items with it lately.  It all started when I saw a Pottery Barn inspired mirror featured on A Soft Place to Land.  It was a guest blog by Living with Lindsay – http://asoftplace.net/2009/08/pottery-barn-inspired-mirror/ This mirror is super cool and she uses salved wood to make it.

Here is the mirror that Pottery Barn was selling…

Here is my Dad’s interpretation…

Isn’t this incredible?  Please excuse the photo of my messy fridge.  Because of Lindsay’s cool post, my Dad has gone completely mirror crazy.  This is the mirror that I received for a Christmas present.

He had to purchase the mirror, but the wood was scrap wood he had in his basement.  He has since started purchasing scraps of Purpleheart and other exotic woods to use along with the scrap.  It’s amazing what can be made out of things that others might call junk or firewood.  I had been after my Dad for some time to utilize the wood that was lying around in buckets in his basement.  He had been giving some of it to my husband to burn in our bonfire and it made me crazy!  Now he thinks every little scrap is valuable.  I will be posting more of his beautiful work in the near future.