I have been trying to reduce my food waste and grocery bill as I discussed in my last post. This is my weekend to buy my groceries for the next two weeks. It takes a lot of work in the beginning and I am having to change many of my old habits.

One example of sacrifices that I am trying to make is with my coffee creamer. I have always liked my coffee to be either Folgers or Maxwell House and I would use a flavored creamer. To top it off, I have used Sweet-n-low or a generic sweetener similar to it. My coffee was expensive! So, I have switched to a much cheaper generic brand of coffee. The taste is not that bad. It just takes some getting used to. To reduce my creamer consumption and waste, I have started using dry milk. It’s jut like using regular milk in your coffee (except cheaper) and gives you an added bonus by adding protein and calcium to your morning joe. I poured the dry milk into an old creamer container for quick use and I am reusing a container. I am desperately trying to wean myself off of using the little sweetener packets, but this is where I am having some trouble. I used part sugar and part sweetener in my coffee this morning, but I am adding a lot of calories by adding sugar and I am not quite ready to cut the sweetness altogether.

These changes are obviously going to take baby steps. We may not make a huge difference within the first week or two of making these changes, but it will come in time. I have to reassess every single thing I do. Hopefully, I will really see a reduction over the next few months. I will keep you posted.